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About UnbearablySoft Bamboo

We are a leading manufacturer of high quality and amazingly soft bamboo bedding products. You can count on your newly fitted bamboo sheets set to be exactly what you want. You will thank us for 100% dedication to our items from shipping to customer support. Our reviews are the best on any website and our prices beat the competition, shipping included. View our large variety of bed sheets for king, queen, full, twin and even pillowcases with variety of colors available.

Whether you are going to make a purchase as a gift or for your own comfort, you will love what you get, and we stand behind our product with a money back satisfaction guarantee. Every pillowcase and fitted sheet set has been inspected for 100% quality satisfaction before shipping. Add this to our already soft sheet sets and every set is going to be better than any other bed sheet sets in your home. With the silky soft feel of our 100% bamboo threads you will feel more comfortable and cool in bed of any size. Even twin beds can have the same comfort as a luxury bed with a little care. Contact us here if you need any help picking a better eco-friendly rayon from bamboo pillowcase, bath towel, sheet set or more. All products are guaranteed to be available so just drop us a line if you have any questions.

“Environmentalists hailing bamboo as the new ‘It’ plant for saving the earth.” – New York Times (July 2007)

“Because it is so exotically soft, bamboo is often marketed alongside luxury fibers like silk and cashmere.” – Wall Street Journal, Christina Binkley, November 12, 2009

“Planted in large groves, bamboo can store “four times the CO2 of a stand of trees of similar size,” according to a study by Jules A. Janssen of the Technical University Eindhoven in the Netherlands, in 2000. “And,” she said, “it releases 35 percent more oxygen.” – New York Times

“You might not think of bamboo as being luxurious and soft against your skin, but it is just that; soft, silky, breathable and very environmentally friendly. Bamboo is a highly sustainable fabric.” – Eco-friendly fashion, Marta Waller, LA Times, Feb. 15, 2008

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A Brief Overview of Bamboo Bedding

Bamboo bedding is yet another product in a long line of uses for bamboo. The miraculous product has a huge array of uses, from flooring to food, and has been a staple of Asian continents since the beginning of time. The plant has the tensile strength of steel and grows nearly 4 feet a day. One true rarity is that viscose bamboo is the most sustainable plant in the world. The use of which will put an end to major deforestation. By a process of shredding, emulsifying, and reworking, the hard bamboo is converted into the softest fabric. The resultant material is twice as soft as cotton and bamboo sheets are compared to high thread count egyptian cottons and other luxurious fabrics like silk. Even though it is so luxurious, it comes at a cost much lower than traditional expensive sheets. This is in part due to the renewable nature of the plant which can quickly replenish itself.

Our products for your home are all manufactured in OKEO-TEX certified facilities and provide the highest quality and reliability. There are many different styles of bamboo sheets which include cotton blends. Our silky soft sheets are 100% rayon from bamboo, providing all of the innate benefits of using this material. You will find that our prices are some of the best on the market, while still retaining the greatest standards. Stop by our store to find the latest products and enjoy their unbelievable comfort. You can feel good knowing that you are contributing to a sustainable industry, as the bamboo that was harvested to make your bamboo sheet sets has already grown back to full size, and the process repeated multiple times.

How Bamboo Sheets Are Made

Every set of bamboo sheets from Unbearably Soft Bamboo is made from the same high quality manufacturing process. This is a six stage process that takes 2-4 years from seed to your bed. In order to make a sheet we must first grow the plant itself. This takes 2-4 years and takes up a majority of our processing time. Even though it seems long, normal plant production can take up to 70 years to grow to maturity. Once they are are mature, we harvest the plant and cut it into smaller pieces, the size of mulch. This mulch is then processed to break down the hard wood into a paper like structure.

These fibers are then dried onto large parchment sheets. Once dry, these sheets are sent to a mill to churn then into a fluffy bamboo fiber which is known as viscose from bamboo. This bamboo fiber is then spun into various threads and fabrics until it is as smooth as silk and as strong as egyptian cotton. At this point you can feel free to do anything you want with the sheets. Most commonly, people stitch it together to make bamboo bedding sets or pillowcases.

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